Over the course of forty-five years as a daughter of a malignant narcissistic mother, Pi Venus Winslow has a lifetime of experience and understanding of the emotional and psychological effects of being raised by a narcissistic parent.

What happens to the young girl who is raised by a woman whose own personal agenda takes precedence over her daughter’s needs, desires, and self esteem? How does parental narcissistic abuse lay the foundation of self sabotaging unconscious thinking and behavior in the daughter’s adult life? How can this daughter and woman heal her spirit and rewrite her story?

Rooted in the legends of ancient mythology, Pi Venus Winslow takes us on the Heroine’s journey to reclaiming personal power and healing the mother wound held within daughters of Medusa through the act of ritual to create magical personal transformation. She provides effective tools and methods to excavate and change deep subconscious beliefs, rituals to invoke radical self acceptance as she unveils the secret to tapping into the nurturing power of the Divine Loving Mother Goddess.