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Overcome the Aftermath of a 
Narcissistic upbringing

Uncover Your Hidden Barriers

Find Out What's Really Holding You Back from Healing From Your Narcissistic Upbringing

Is Your Parent a 

You may never get a clinical diagnosis, but you CAN:

• Learn how to recognize the warning signs of abuse, manipulation, and coercion

• Break free and heal from codependency and narcissistic abuse

• Stop attracting toxic relationships, drama, and chaos

You need to recover and heal from the pain of your past, so you CAN:

• Feel confident, clear, and grounded

• Trust yourself to make sound decisions

• Create a safe, harmonious, and peaceful life


Pi Venus Winslow is a transformational life coach, a published author and speaker, and the founder and creator of Full Venus Rising.

This epic mythological journey will unveil the secret to reclaiming your personal power and how to heal the wounds of childhood narcissistic abuse so that you can create magical personal transformation through the act of intentional ritual.​

The Transformational Process

Changing habits is simple, but not easy. There’s a process to recover from codependency and narcissistic abuse.

EDUCATION: learn about what you’ve experienced so you can get oriented and identify where you’re at on your recovery journey.

SUPPORT: find your mentor/teacher – this is not a solo journey. If you were never taught healthy boundaries or how to prioritize yourself, you need to learn from someone you trust.

TAKE ACTION: sign up for a step-by-step program or course to walk you through mastering new skills that you can apply to create change and reach your goals

Get Results Working with Pi



Thank you Pi for how you are helping me “to see”. You are an answer to a prayer because for many years I have been trying to figure “this” out. You are helping to open my eyes to both sides of my life experiences. Part of me is surprised at my role, seeing it in a different light. Thankful you are available.


When I first started working with Pi, my emotions were anxiety and depression. They were mixed up and hard to handle. I felt I needed assistance, so I decided to work with Pi. As a result, I made steps to become stronger and am starting to make standards/boundaries and using time more effectively. I’ve learned more on how to move in a better future-focused way. Thank you.

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My Experience with this curriculum has been very empowering. The Tools and Strategies for reconnecting with your wounds and actually healing them. I’m feeling more Visible as I shine in My Light of Becoming Enough for Me first. Pi is always on deck (Present) to respond back in all of her Calm and Empowering Methodology’s. Thank You Pi and Team🌹🌹🌹💐💐💐💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽


Pi’s program prompts and exercises have been motivating me to think about myself as both a loving soul as well as a human being, and this is where I am in my self discovery and self healing. For me, it’s important to understand myself as much as I can because we can’t fix what we are not aware of. In a way, I think this work has allowed me to be more forgiving of myself too, because with greater understanding came greater knowledge of why I am the way I am and peace in knowing that it’s okay to be where I am right now.

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I just wanted to plug Pi Venus Winslow for being an amazing coach and having a phenomenal course. I absolutely adore her.  Pi is like this amazing beautiful mystical, magical, phenomenal conductress who helps to synergize the information, the methodology, with very clear cut pathways to kind of uncork those things that have been keeping a stuck and clearing barnacles from our vessels.

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I'm halfway through the program, and I think it's helped me so much. I was so lost in what was happening. It's interesting how the program talks about you thinking it's a feeling, and it's actually just a thought. Looking at that scale, I've been able to diminish the feelings that I had to  go into more of a positive universe.  


Pi has a beautiful way about her. She is genuine and authentic and not afraid to speak truth. As a coach she has helped facilitate one breakthrough in me after another. Her gentle guidance and feedback, encouragement, support and love, helped me to recognize blocks that were holding me back and clear the way for me to shine. She helped me to recognize my value and step freely into my greatness. Ideas and inspiration began to flow, and I found myself taking action on these ideas. My life is forever changed for the better because of this. I recommend working with Pi if you have the opportunity, you will be so glad you did!


This membership programme has been life changing for the better. I’ve gained understanding about my past and current situation that other avenues, such as psychotherapy, were not able to provide. This understanding has given me a stable foundation that I can build on. While still in my narcissistic family system, the one-to-one coaching and the possibility to contact Pi anytime I needed support, was extremely helpful and it kept me on track when times were tough. 


Pi has the fortitude to stand by us mired in our own tar pits. Pi holds space for us to see where we are and start to dissolve the fear of our circumstances. She then gives us the means to pull ourselves out of our pit, hands us the cleaning tools, and assists to develop the process of finding and removing our remaining tar spots. Thanks Pi for your knowledge, care, and understanding as we clients become compassionate to ourselves through the compassion demonstrated by you. 


I was attracted to Pi's course because she had walked through the Narcissistic fire of upbringing by a Narcissistic Mother. I first heard and learned about Narcissistic Personality Disorder from my therapist approx. 15+ years ago.  I had been struggling with moving through the disbelief, shock and learning that I was emotionally abused by my mother.  It was a very hard pill to swallow.  I had self-educated myself to understand about narcissistic disorder and found I was spinning my wheels in therapy.  There wasn't anything systematically available in bite size pieces at the time towards one's healing; until I came across Pi's course. This course helped to fill in the holes of what I was missing.  It gave a voice/name to what I was feeling.  Pi invites other professional speakers to share their knowledge and gifts in many different topics.   Pi's course is a springboard, which opens doors to enhance personal growth. Be open to the nuggets. This is a journey of many spokes in the wheel for recovery to reclaim oneself.  

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When I first met Pi, we had a conversation about a course I was struggling to get through, and how often I had come up with excuses of what was blocking me from completing the course. In Pi’s professional and wise ways, she was able to draw from me points that I could work on and improve in myself that I didn’t see. And so her observation of me was spot on. I decided to work with her because of her encouraging words and supportive and nurturing nature. My take on Pi was that she is a genuine safe person to lead me down a path that I was unfamiliar with. In doing so, through her experience in starting from ground zero and working her way up to where she is today, I was able to take advantage of that and get the self confidence that I knew I had, but that had gotten lost along the way. One of the things I learned from Pi was to create a vision of where I saw myself in the end when I finished my course. And that encouraged me and helped motivate me to get going on this. Now as a result of working with Pi these last few months, I’m able to stay on task and feel an energy that I want to do this and I want to get going on it. So that motivates me. And I don’t think I could have done it if I hadn’t met Pi.

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When I first started, I was unmotivated. I felt overwhelmed. I had a lot of work and school projects and I had no support and no tools to handle everything. I was dealing with anxiety and I felt challenged in setting up healthy boundaries. After our one-on-one session I had a very good impression of Pi. She was listening to me actively, and neutral. I felt very safe. Her responses were kind and supportive. I resonated with her ideas and her appreciative presence. That deeply resonated with me. After deciding to work with Pi, I feel very energized and happy I can connect with her. It is supportive to have someone who listens and provides tools to improve my life. She is a life coach, and a cheerleader to me. I feel more accountable for my actions, because we are connecting at least twice daily. Her positive attitude inspires me to do better. I feel supported in the moments when I face obstacles or triggers. She taught me tools to come back to the present moment. I believe that now I can be more organized and have a better sense of boundaries. I see shifts in my personal relationships now for the better. My life is different now because I have a better sense of time management. I learnt that I should prioritize projects. I will take with me an expression you many times mentioned, that it’s better if the work is done than perfect. Now I often apply it to my work, and I still do great! Now I feel excited to do work and have things done, because she inspired me to be motivated and energized. I have a better sense of personal boundaries and I have the tools to keep my relationships healthy.


Get support in recovering from a narcissistic upbringing from someone who's been there. 
Transformational Life Coach, Pi Venus Winslow has created an online community in the thousands who are finding relief and hope after childhood narcissist abuse.

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