Are you ready to finally break out of the chains of codependency and start living your life free from toxic relationships and self-sabotaging behaviors that hold you back and exhaust you? You can make massive progress towards emotional freedom in 2023!

How to Create Confidence and Self-Trust After Narcissistic Abuse:

5 Strategies to start recovering from Codependency FAST

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Thursday, January 19th
10:00am Pacific

You’ll learn:

  • How I went from being victimized by family and toxic relationships to living intentionally free from narcissistic abuse
  • How you can replicate my process in a much easier way
  • Extra tips for avoiding common pitfalls on the journey
  • My 5 strategies to kick-start your recovery journey, FAST
  • Plus, free bonuses!

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Who am I? I’m a transformational life coach, author, and public speaker. In 2017, I started my recovery journey from codependency which resulted from being raised by alcoholic and narcissistic parents. Today, I am free from toxic relationships, healthier than I’ve ever been, and successfully doing my life’s work supporting others to lead their lives with authenticity and self-worth.

I love your courageous heart – Let it Shine! 💖