Providing release and relief for daughters of narcissistic mothers

Weaving myth, ritual and magic into healing from a narcissistic upbringing

“I love your courageous heart ~ Let it Shine!”

Pi Venus Winslow

Hi it’s Pi Venus Winslow, founder of Full Venus Rising, thank you for your time, I’ll be really quick so this is the FULL VENUS RISING REFERRAL program and I’ve put together this referral program to say thank you to create an easy way for you to support me and also support people in your life that you think I can make a difference for! I’ve listed out some really exciting ways that I’ll be saying thank you and compensating you for your time and your generosity in connecting me with people in your life who you think I could serve.

As a woman who struggled her entire life with self-worth and whose identity was fractured by narcissistic abuse from my own mother, I know the pain and prison of shame and unworthiness. When I dove into doing the real soul-work of healing from my own childhood trauma, I vowed that when I got through to the other side that I would shepherd other women through the transformational process of deconstructing and rebuilding themselves. My commitment is to serve other women on their own heroine’s journey to find, embrace and value their true authentic selves.

I stand for women and self-worth.

I’m on a mission to empower women to embrace their authentic selves and embody fearless confidence.

My vision is a world where women lead with authenticity and self-worth.

AND I have limited space for 10 women to embark on a 10-month coaching journey with me

This program is for women who

Seek relief and recovery from the trauma and abuse of experiencing a maternal narcissistic upbringing

Are open to self-reflection and personal development

Can commit to taking action to change old beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve them

Crave connection and community with other women who have a shared experience

Desire to transform their pain into power

Have a big heart and want to heal it so they can feel safe to trust and love other people

The Ready to Rise Coaching Program is a small, limited, intimate group who will experience:

10 months of group coaching

Personalized private 1:1 coaching calls

Access to a private Facebook community

My goal is to help facilitate transformation in the lives of ten women this year. I value your trust in me and I want you to know that I’ll take good care of who you refer to me.


Share my mission with someone you know who you think would be interested in this program.

Make an email introduction between us including this link: so they can learn more about me.
Here is a sample email that you can copy and paste.

Hi [NAME],

Let me introduce you to Pi Venus Winslow of Full Venus Rising, 🙂

Since you’re looking for support in recovering from narcissistic abuse in your childhood, I wanted to connect you two! Pi specializes in supporting women who have narcissistic mothers. Her signature coaching program at focuses on helping women discover and embrace their authentic selves and embody fearless confidence so they can take back their power and reclaim their lives. Through her online trainings and webinars, her book, and her private coaching practice, she’s helped hundreds of women to find peace and freedom in learning to trust themselves after experiencing the devastating effects of narcissistic abuse. Pi genuinely cares about her clients – I know that you are in great hands with her! I’ll let you two take it from here!
[Sign Off]

I’ll contact them and if it’s a good fit we’ll get them signed up.

As a thank you for sending me a contracted referral, I’ll gift you a $500 thank you check!

Just repeat this process as many times as you want.

There’s a BONUS for 3 signed referrals!

Thank you again for your support! I really strive to makes sure everyone wins, so if you have any questions, just reach out and let me know!