Lasting Recovery from a Narcissistic Abuse

Do your current relationship struggles mimic the past?

“Once you see the Pattern, you have the Power!” – Pi Venus Winslow

Looks like we have a friend in common! 😃

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My name is Pi Venus Winslow – I’m a transformational life coach and I’m so happy you’re here!
I’m on a mission to empower others to reclaim their authentic selves and live their lives intentionally free from codependency and narcissistic abuse.

If you have a pattern of being abused in toxic relationships, it’s possible that you may have had a narcissistically abusive, addicted, mentally ill, or neglectful parent.

It can be hard to make the connection if you grew up thinking you had a “normal” childhood but now find it difficult to have healthy relationships as an adult.

So many adults who have experienced growing up with a narcissistic parent struggle with insecurity, fear of conflict, boundaries, people-pleasing, self-esteem, self-care, communication and healthy relationships.

If you can relate – it’s not your fault. It’s your programming.

You may have been conditioned to tolerate being victimized so your narcissistic parent could control and manipulate you. Which would now make you vulnerable to being victimized by other self-serving people.

Sadly, this pattern will continue to repeat until it’s faced head-on and changed.

I know, because I’ve lived it. As someone who struggled her entire life with self-worth, self-identity, and self awareness as a result of experiencing narcissistic abuse from my own mother, I know the painful pattern of confusion, shame and unworthiness.

If you are fed up with toxic relationships and looking for change, I can help!

Everyone’s healing journey is unique. I strive to create a safe space for those needing support and clarity and to help them determine the best course of action for their individual needs.
It’s simple – to do this, we have a conversation. And we get to the root of what’s keeping you stuck.

If we’re a good fit to work together, we’ll determine what program will give you the results and experience you desire.

Right now, I have limited availability for transformational coaching experiences as well as a self-paced online program.

So if you want to reclaim your SELF and fully step into your power and purpose with CERTAINTY in your decisions and the confidence to take direct action to create a life you love….

If you desire to be so SOLID in your worth and value that you no longer fear self-sabotage or being victimized by others…

If you are Ready to RISE. . . Then check out my invitation to you below! 💌

Stop struggling and start recovering

No matter where you're at on your recovery journey, you don't have to figure it out on your own.

I'm here to give you options and clarity. Let's talk and discover exactly what you need to focus on right now to start making real progress.

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Yes, I'm Ready to Rise

“Pi has a beautiful way about her. She is genuine and authentic and not afraid to speak truth. As a coach she has helped facilitate one breakthrough in me after another. Her gentle guidance and feedback, encouragement, support, and love helped me to recognize blocks that were holding me back and clear the way for me to shine. She helped me to recognize my value and step freely into my greatness. Ideas and inspiration began to flow, and I found myself taking action on these ideas. My life is forever changed for the better because of this. I recommend working with Pi if you have the opportunity, you will be so glad you did!”  - Trudy Stoner   

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