If you grew up with a narcissistic parent and you struggle with low self-esteem, lack of confidence, uncertainty, procrastination, avoiding conflict, self-sabotage, people-pleasing, weak boundaries, negative self-talk, imposter syndrome, anxiety, or emotional overwhelm – it’s not your fault!

You’ve been conditioned not to trust yourself.

Join me for a 3-day event that will uncover the secret to lasting recovery!

How to Find Lasting Recovery from Childhood Narcissistic Abuse so You Never Need to Worry About Trusting Yourself Ever Again!

Free 3-Day Recovery Workshop
April 4th – 6th
11:00am Pacific / 2:00pm Eastern

What you can expect:

  • Learn the essential elements of lasting recovery
  • Explore and determine your deepest innermost values
  • Identify the obstacles that keep you stuck and feeling powerless
  • Get clarity and direction on next steps to move forward and get relief FAST
  • Plus, free bonuses!

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Who am I? I’m a transformational life coach, author, and public speaker. In 2017, I started my recovery journey from codependency which resulted from being raised by alcoholic and narcissistic parents. Today, I am free from toxic relationships, healthier than I’ve ever been, and successfully doing my life’s work supporting others to lead their lives with authenticity and self-worth.

I love your courageous heart – Let it Shine! 💖